How dare you send Carmen a picture of your worthless little dick? Ipad/Ipod version

You can ask any girl, at some point in her life, some guy has sent her a picture of his cock. Carmen Valentina gets those all the time and sometimes she will find something that catches her eye, but usually she just ignores them. Until YOU had the nerve to send her a picture of your teeny tiny dick! What were you thinking? Did you actually think Carmen was going to get turned on by seeing a picture of your puny little mini penis? That’s not a real dick, it’s a little sissy clitty. You are not built to satisfy a woman! You have some nerve to send Carmen Valentina a picture of your mini pee pee. So pull your pants down and pinch your little dick with your fingers as Carmen humiliates you by showing the entire world the picture of your pathetic little pee pee and your worthless balls so everyone can have a laugh at your expense. You know you like it!

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